Whole Health Insider delivers actionable advice and safe, natural and effective ways to solve and prevent health concerns to consumers as well as customers of the VRP family, which includes Vitamin Research Products, Health Resources and True Health with Michael Cutler, M.D.

Vitamin Research Products (VRP)

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Since Vitamin Research Products opened their doors in 1979, their mission has been to empower their customers to take charge of their own health.

VRP has a 34-year history of formulating nutritional supplements, backed by a team of scientists with extensive nutritional research and formulation experience. Their extensive network of researchers and leading healthcare professionals is dedicated to furthering the science of healthy aging and creating the most effective, science-based products available today.

After countless hours of dedicated research into scientific reports and clinical studies, they meticulously select the finest herbal extracts and nutraceutical-grade nutrient powders—the same top-notch ingredients used today in cutting–edge biomedical research—and place them in 100 percent vegetarian capsules for maximum absorption and potency.

Let Vitamin Research Products be your partner in health so you can “do what you like… longer.”

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True Health

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The True Health line of nutritional supplements is formulated in conjunction with Michael Cutler, M.D. The brand’s mission is to provide its customers with doctor-approved formulas of the highest quality that are scientifically proven effective and guaranteed to deliver a noticeable improvement in your health.

Dr. Cutler is uniquely qualified as a noted authority on preventative, complementary health solutions to aging issues, general family ailments and nutrition, with an understanding and respect for the natural harmony of the human body. He has devoted his career to learning how to optimize health through simple changes in diet and lifestyle.

With True Health supplements, you can be confident you’re giving your body state-of-the-art nutrients to help experience optimal living each and every day!

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Health Resources

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Since opening in 1995, Health Resources’ mission has been to deliver the finest nutritional supplements that are so effective, you’ll never have to wonder if they’re working for you.

Their team has searched the globe to find the best, most potent and absorbable nutrients so you don’t ever waste a cent on nutrients your body can’t use. All raw materials are tested before and after manufacturing to ensure that you’re getting the best supplements available.

Great health should never be a difficult to achieve—and Health Resources strives to make it as easy as possible.

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